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Cultural traditions with voicethread

November 25th, 2008 · 4 Comments · Voicethread

Today I had a chance to work with Dara Nalven and her fourth graders in Language Arts on a cross curriculum project.  The students had read a story about Angel Island and the obstacles immigrants faced.  I shared information about Ellis Island (as part of my role as an Ellis Island Ambassador) and together we created voicethreads sharing their cultural heritage. This was a closure activity and enabled all students to share their traditions.  Please view their voicethreads and comment.


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  • Patricia Falato

    This is terrific. I will share some of this with my 11th graders so that when we do our artifact sharing presentations, they’ll have the idea and know that younger students have done something with it.

  • Ms. De Santis


    Thanks for your feedback- I will share it with Ms. Nalven.

  • beth topinka

    Wonderful! The fourth graders did a phenomenal job! This is a perfect closure activity and I’ll share it with my school’s eighth grade teachers.

    Thanks for your suggestions on the EII forum…I like the idea of incorporating more voices.

  • Ms. De Santis

    I’m glad these were helpful- I was lucky to be working with a talented team!

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