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Italic posts are selected samples from the 2010-2011 school year.

Bolded posts are selected samples from the 2009-10 school year.

Highlighted posts are selected samples from the 2008-09 school year.


  •    Zooburst

Debbie Pelican- Spanish Pop Up Book

  • Storybirds

How does the lion save the day?(Kerry Holworth, second grade)

 April Magistro and What a First Grader Knows

Lynn Olender and Serving with George W

Paulette Hudock The Surprised Bumble Bee

Dana Ebbigenhausen The Attack of Creatures

Christina Namendor Paula’s The Story of my BFFs

Meredith Scully Family Storybirds

Paige Coppola’s Children’s Story (Octa)

Lori Schmidt “The Day the Human Attacked”

  Love is in the Air(Judy Perone- Pre Schoolashington

  • Glogs

Maria Samra (5th grade)- The Ocean

Jason Brown (Comparison)

Meredith Scully (2010 Olympics)


Shannon Johnson (Top 10 reasons math is important)

  • Comics/Animation

Kim Jaremczak (MakeBeliefsComix- personal narratives)

  • xtranormal (effective 2010- this is no longer a free site)

Jason Brown (7th grade) Vote for Tommy James

Rose Caubet (7th grade) Spanish conversations

Welcome to fourth grade Spanish! (Lorriane Gonzalez)

The chicks arrive! (April Magistro -first grade- Wilson)

The Seed Story (Sheri Holland-First grade- Wilson)

What will you be when you grow up?( Barbara Parillo-First grade -Wilson)

Symmetric or not? (Michele Kilian first grade-Wilson)

Everyone Needs a Friend(Christine Beckhusen- Wilson)

Tell Me a Story (Wilson  1st grade students)

3 Stories from second grade (Irene Werner’s 2nd grade students)

Our African American Heroes (Robin Read’s 1-2 grade classes)

When I am 100 years old(Barbara Parillo’s first grade)

Spring Cinquains(Christine Beckhusen’s third grade)

Cause and Effect (Janet Mahoney’s first grade)

What if?(Michelle Popicks 2-3 grades)

So how would you catch a leprechaun?(Michelle Popick 2-3 grades)

The Afternoon Class Speaks(Jackie McGrade Project Before)

If I had 100 dollars (the morning class) (Jackie McGrade Project Before)

What are your superpowers? (Michelle Popick 2-3 grades)

What’s your penguin’s story?(Kelly Cibrian Kindergarten)

Same but Different(Christine Lawlor- 3rd grade)i

What’s going on at your house?(April Magistro, Pam Schleck 1st grade)

Adding voices to images- kindergarten style– (Julia McKenna, kindergarten)

And the rebus story says(Pam Gunter- 1st grade)

Quick- what’s the deepest ocean?(Michelle Popick 2-3 grades)

What do you see?(Meredith Scully 2nd grade)

Why I am thankful(April Magistro (1st grade), Robin Reed (2nd grade)

The Pumpkin Soldier(Michelle Popick, Robin Reed 2-3 grades)

Ellis Island Live!(Jenifer McGough- 7-8 grades)

Meredith Scully’s PAWS-itively Great Writing (second grade)

 Lynn Popora (2-3 grade Wilson) How do you eat your Oreo?

April Magistro (1st grade Wilson) The OREO Project

Diane McCarthy (Friction in our school)

Meredith Scully (2nd grade Arleth) We take care of our pets

Rochell Alves (Spanish 1) What’s in your room?

Lynn Porpora (2-3 Wilson) Italian Culture

Paulette Hudock (Elementary TAG) Voicethread to the Earth

Christina Namendorf (HS/MS ELL) In their own voices

Renee Passman (MS/Spanish)- Hello, my name is ….

Christine Lawlor and Diane Worles- Wow, I didn’t know I was just like you!

Ruth-Anne Sokol and Mary Desmond- Conflict Resolution

Pam Schleck- Are you as quick as a cricket?

Tom Pulido- Talking Molas

Lisa Payne-Women’s History Month 

Meredith Scully (second grade) Stormy Weather

April Magistro- Happy Mother’s Day

Julia McKenna and Susan Steinhardt Kindergarten, Kindergarten, What do you see?

Susan Steinhardt Be the Illustrator!

Susan Steinhardt More First Rate Illustrators!

Christine Lawlor Paper Collages

April Magistro- Peep Peep Perfect Day

We take care of our pets (Meredith Scully-2nd grade)

If I were President (Lauren Roman -3rd grade).

The Sentence People(Kerry Fleschner -5th grade)

How many seeds in a pumpkin?(Kerri Bresocnik -1st grade)

Cultural Heritage(Dara Nalven 4th grade)

The Polar Express(Gineen Morosco 4th grade)

The Scientific Method(Lisa Payne 4th grade)

New Year Resolutions(April Magistro-First Grade)

The Virtual Zoo(Meredith Scully-Second Grade)

Common Threads in Writing(Christine Lawlor- 3rd grade)

Elasped Time with Judy(Meredith Scully 2nd grade)

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss(Linda Zydzik 5th grade)

Marble Maze (Maryann Gordon 7th grade )

If you could talk to the animals( Amy Bertolotti, Mona Fakhoury, Karen Kwierczek 3rd grade)

What is the artist thinking?(Chris Lawlor 3rd grade)

Real life Math(Shannon Johnson 8th grade)

  •  Working with photographs/text (wordle, tagxedo, Fakebook, photopeach)

Mathematician Fakebook (Shannon Johnson 8th grade)

Putting your words in a cloud(Lori Belotti 6th grade)

Vickie Kilpatrick (Middle School)- Magazine covers

Adriene Visone (3rd grade)-Pumpkin photopeach

Debbie Pelican- Dance of the Animals

Debbie Pelican- Photopeach Weather Quiz in Spanish

 www.slide.comThe Gingerbread Man (Tina Kiernan- 1st grade)

Alliteration Alley(Yvonne Kronowski-1st grade)

Happy Birthday Mr. President (Laura Cozzi- 1st grade)

Who do I thank for the washing machine?( Jen McGough Middle School)

From the Greek-(Melissa Ciampa 8th grade)

Are you a planet protector? (Jennifer Coyne- Wilson School)

Chareles Darwin(Brittany Dusko- High school)

Flat Stanley (Meredith Scully- 2nd grade)

Did you see?(Jackie Mc Grade- Project Before)

Spring in animoto (Lisa Payne- 4th grade)

Don’t cry because it’s over(Jackie McGrade Project Before)

Happy Valentine’s Day(Jackie McGrade Project Before)

The Year of the Rabbit(Jackie McGrade Project Before)

Have you seen the plague?(Diane McCarthy 8th grade)

Logo Project goes TripWOW(Shannon Johnson, 8th grade)

The power of words(Rose Griggs, 6th grade)

April Magistro- October Highlights

Meredith Scully- The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Judy Perone- It’s snowing men!

Judy Perone – 2010 Valentine’s Day Formal

Jackie McGrade and Judy Perone- Happy Chinese New Year

Jackie McGrade – Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Jackie McGrade- St. Patrick’s Day

Jackie McGrade- Happy Earth Day!

Lorriane Lukowski- K-3 Art Projects

Deb Pelican Animoto Under Water

Lori Schmide+Jen Mahieu The Battle of Monmouth

El vocabulario de los animales (Debbie Pelican- 5th grade)

What is your shape?(Shannon Johnson 8th grade)

A visual look into the “peculiar institution” (Chris Howard high school)

 The Children’s Crusade (Pam Chartock- 8th grade)

Counting those lucky stars (Lauren Roman 3rd grade)

Feliz Cinco de Mayo (Jackie Benavides- Spanish 3)


The light movie(Diane Mc Carthy 8th grade)Crank that Titanic (Dhati Bhatt 6th grade)


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