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Xtranormal – not just in English!

November 4th, 2009 · 6 Comments · Content- Foreign Language

Did you know Xtranormal speaks Spanish? You would know if you are in Rose Caubet’s 7th grade World Language class.  Her students recently completed videos- they created the scripts (punctuation is very important), selected their characters- well, see for yourself below.  Her class used the text to speech features in this application. Special thanks to JS and NB for Raul y Nora and to AK for Leonardo. 


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  • Sandra Paul

    I really enjoyed watching these videos. I understood most of the content and it was great to see the students’ create a dialogue in Spanish using the xtranormal characters. Great work!

  • Les Dress

    These are great! I can’t seem to get Xtranormal to work in anything other than English or French. How did you get this to work? Thanks!

  • Ms. De Santis

    To get the voice in Spanish, you need to do two things:1) Select the Spanish voice option and 2) make sure your spelling absolutely correct- this includes any accent marks.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to bring this old topic again, but where is the Spanish voice option? I can’t find it and I’m in a rush =(

  • Ms. De Santis

    For the Spanish voice,
    1. Select the actors, where it says Give Your Actors a voice- scroll down until you see Spanish female or male.
    2. Select that voice.
    3. Your spelling must be totally correct.

  • Robert

    Oh alright I see, thank you so much.

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