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How to save a Wordle

February 11th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Content- Cross Discipline


You can save a Wordle for use in PowerPoint or other application.  Here are my two suggestions: 1.     Make the Wordle and then create a screen shot (Use the Ctrl + Print Scrn keys).

2.    Go to a photo editing program (I use Paint) and paste in the screen shot. 

3.    Now you can edit the images. (I usually delete the material on the screen shot I don’t need). 

4.    Save the image as a jpeg.  You can now use it in any other application.  Or 1.    Create the Wordle and create a screen shot.2.    Paste the screen shot right into the PowerPoint slide.  You can them play with the size to try and show less of the screen.

3.    Save the PowerPoint as a jpeg file.  If you have another method, please share with me.


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  • Debbie Pelican

    Thank you, Barbara!

    Following your suggestion, I first tried to paste a Wordle to a slide, but in order to get the screen’s background off the slide, the first and last letters of some of the words were cut. Then I tried editing using Paint, as you also suggested, and pasted the edited version to a slide. That worked fine.


  • Paiige

    umm get that do i paste the screen shot ? well how do i even get the screen shot ?

  • Ms. De Santis

    Please email me and I will be glad to help- my address is

  • Cheryl

    Thank you so much for the wordle advice! It worked like a charm, and I greatly appreciate it!

  • Jake Lucas

    Why not just click print, select cutePDF, then click print? It will save your Wordle instead of printing it. :)

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  • Juan Flores

    An easier way would be to go to Start Menu.

    In the Search Pane Type Snipit.

    Use the snipit to crop your Wordle just as you would a picture.

    Select Save and save as a jpeg.

    From there you can treat the wordle as any other photo.


    It would be simple to just print the wordle out then scan it :)

  • SKOOLguuurrrl

    Hey guys its way more simple than that!
    1. make a screen shot by holding control (Ctrl) and print screen (Prnt Scrn). you can find the ctrl key on the same rox as the space bar and the prnt scrn on the right hand side of the top row.

    2. open microsoft word, right click on the blank page and then select ‘paste’.

    3. click on the picture then go to the top bar of word and select ‘format’. click crop then use the black lines to resize your image.

    4. copy that picture if you want to use it straight onto powerpoint or any other document processor.

    This is much more convient, trust me I tried most of the other suggestions, none of them worked for me. Please try this out :)

  • Brian

    Hahahahaha it kills me that people don’t realize that the button that says “print screen” is actually the print screen button.

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