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Happy New Year or Gung Hay fat Choy!

February 24th, 2010 · 12 Comments · animoto

Here are two delightful animotos from the Pre-School’s Chinese New Year celebration.  My special thanks to Jackie McGrade and Judy Perone for sharing their wonderful work!


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  • Debbie Pelican

    What a wonderful experience this must have been for both the Middle School and Pre-School students!
    I enjoyed these!

    Ms. Pelican

  • Bob

    Looks great.
    Ms. Jackie & Mrs C. did a fantasic job.

    Ms. Jackie – did a great job putting this slideshow together.

  • Sally

    Those videos are so wonderful. I am so glad to see the kids having so much fun in school. Especially the song picking – fits perfectly with the video. :) Thanks for putting it together.

  • Tara Rodriguez

    This was great!!! I’m so glad you shared it with us, Joshua and Gabe were dancing around the living room to the music. Thank you for making each learning experience fun filled and memorable for the preschoolers! Ms. Jackie and Ms. C you go way above and beyond for our kids and I can’t thank you enough!!!! Gung hay fat choy!!!!

  • Maria

    WOW! This is awesome! The kids looked like they really enjoyed themselves! Many thanks to Mrs. C. and Miss Jackie and of course Miss Elly for the wonderful work that you do with the children. You go the extra mile to make each day a wonderful learning experience for the kids. Thank you!

  • Marian(Jack's mother)

    This is really amazing slide show .thanks miss Jackie and mrs. C . for this great work , Jack and his brother Daniel were so happy when they saw that .

  • Rick (Brodee's Dad)

    Awesome video thanks for putting this together for us to watch!

  • Verna (Ysabelle's Mom)

    Thank you for the great work and having such idea to upload a video that all the kids will treasure for a lifetime…They are proud and happy to see themselves having a great time with their schoolmates …Thanks Miss Jackie, Mrs. C

  • Dawn(Liam's mom)

    This is great! Thanks so much for sharing this with us and for taking out the time to make this video. I love that we are able to see what happens in the classroom through this video and all the pictures that are sent home with the kids. Thanks Miss Jackie, Mrs. C and Miss Elly you are all amaing.

  • Carrie (Matthew Z's Mom)

    This is precious – thank you for sharing with us. We love it!

  • Sabahat(Aleena Aly's Mom)

    These are so wonderful videos.Thanks Ms. Jackie, Mrs. C and Ms. Judy for sharing with us.

  • priya

    thanks so much for the videos v reallly enjoyed it but can you make more vids of normal school days for the afternoon class !!

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