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Happy Valentine’s Day

February 15th, 2011 · 18 Comments · Classroom

This is always one of my favorite posts- please enjoy the Pre School Valentine’s Day event! Special thanks to Jackie McGrade.


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  • Allie Napolitano

    Very very cute. You do such a great job Miss Jackie. Love the picture of Matthew and Cara.

  • shirley & mike weaver

    absolutely positively adorable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    looks like the kids had a great time.

  • Carol Duffy

    This is one of my favorite Preschool celebrations! I think I smiled all day. Everyone looked so adorable and had such a joyful time. And, oh, they can dance! Thanks to the teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, CSTs, Nurse Joyce and Carol Sue, for giving the students such a fun Valentine’s Day. —Carol Duffy

  • Gina McCrea

    The project before teachers are the best! You guys work magic with the children. I loved the slide show. The children looked like they had so much fun. My son came home singing YMCA. He didn’t stop until he went to bed! Thanks again!

  • Lara Skulski

    This was so great to watch. We all sat around the computer and watched our little guy over and over. We love being to see what our son is doing in school and how much he loves it.

  • Lori Pickell

    Great job to the teachers of the AM. and the PM. preschool. Looks like Logan is not being as shy as he was at the start of school. :)

    Logan said he had a GREAT time!

  • Kizzy DeSantis

    Thank you to all the teachers, aides, and everyone for everything you do for the kids! My son Jamie had an awesome time!

  • Michael Cavalieri

    You ladies are amazing!! Thank you so much that was really incredible. Aiden had a great time. Thank you so much.

  • Lisa Oliver

    What a great job! The kids looked like they had a great time and they all looked so adorable!

  • Ana M Rivera

    This slide show was amazing. The kids all had such a wonderful time. Thanks to all the teachers and helpers who make this possible. My granddaughter, Sofia G. is going to miss you all in September.

  • Ana M Rivera

    The picture slide show was amazing. We cannot thank all the teachers, Ms. Jackie, Mrs. C, Miss Ely, etc. and all the helpers enough for showing how much you care about what you do. My granddaughter, Sofia G. is going to miss you all in Sept. The children all had a wonderful time.
    Thanks You!!!!!!!

  • Ana Rivera


  • Carol Sue

    The video is Fantastic – everyone had such a great time – those little rascals can really dance – they looked so adorable. I am so proud to be part of Project Before.

  • Suzy Sylvester

    Wonderful!!! Just one of the many fantastic programs Project Before creates for these special children. My son came home *beaming* with excitement! It is evident just how much this team of educators love their work. Thank you for all you do!

  • Svati Shah

    Thank you Ms Jackie, Mrs. C and Miss Elly. Parsvi had a great time and the slidehow proves why. Thanks again for sharing the fun.

  • Geetanjali

    Absolutely Loved the video!!My wholehearted appreciation for everyone attached to the ‘Project before’. These moments are sure to be treasured,
    THANKS sooo much for sharing them with us!!

  • Sally

    Thanks for sharing the slideshow. Looks like the kids had a blast! You’ve made every pre-school events very memorable and fun.

  • Gouri Karode(samika's Mommy)

    Superb video!! Thanks Mrs. C,Miss. Jackie and everyone who took so much of efforts to put everything together in the party and after the party.

    Samika told me she had great time and these pictures prove it..:)

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