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Better than a Mother’s Day Card?

May 11th, 2012 · 5 Comments · animoto, Classroom

Mrs. Dwyer’s class created a Mother’s Day animoto as a gift for their moms.  Please enjoy their production!




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  • Christine (Mia's Mom)

    This is by far the nicest Mother’s Day gift one of my kids have ever brought home from school! What a wonderful thing for a teacher to do; not just for us moms, but for our children as well. Mia was so excited and proud to show me my Mother’s Day gift. Such a wonderful thing to do for our children. A big thank you to Mrs. Dwyer for taking the time to make something so special that the kids are proud of. And such a beautiful group of children!!

  • Dawn(Liam'Mom)

    This was so amazing. What a thoughtful thing to do. Liam is so proud of this and I do have to say what a great mothers day gift. Thank-you so much Mrs. Dwyer for doing this with the kids This is something that they will always remember and I’m sure all the moms will too!

  • Jen (Gracie's Mom)

    Thank you so much! What a wonderful treat this morning for Mother’s Day!!

  • Judi (Mrs. Dwyer's Mom)

    Mrs. Dwyer,
    What a beautiful way to say “I Love You Mom, Happy Mother’s Day”
    The children are wonderful and you can see their excitement and pride.
    How very lucky they are to have a teacher like you.
    How very lucky I am to have a daughter as caring and talented as you are.
    Thank you for always making me so proud.

    Your Mom

  • Michelle (Alex's Mom)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH MRS. DWYER! This was a wonderful Mommy’s Day gift. Alexander was so proud and couldn’t wait to share. I truly enjoyed it. The kids are so beautiful. Thank you for taking the time and bringing it to life. It was truly heart warming. Thank you.

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