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Making Movies- Revolutionary Style

January 2nd, 2013 · 5 Comments · Content - Social Studies, iPad, Video/movies

Karl Boehringer’s middle school history students demonstrate their understanding of the American Revolution in these iMovie trailers.  Students worked in groups and developed a storyboard prior to working with the iPads.  Below are a few samples.


Boston Massacre from Barbara De Santis on Vimeo.

The Boston Massacre from Barbara De Santis on Vimeo.

The Revolution Starts from Barbara De Santis on Vimeo.

The Battle Of Lexington from Barbara De Santis on Vimeo.

The Boston Tea Party.. from Barbara De Santis on Vimeo.

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  • Max

    These are awesome! Way to assess their learning! Did the students do peer review of the finished products? It would be cool to see what they thought of the experience and what they might do differently next time (if anything). 😉

  • Ms. De Santis

    Max-Thanks for your kind feedback. We have learned from student feedback each time- and they have helped us refine the process. See the post today for the Civil Rights project. And next week (more of the revolution)- we are using a new app to share the photos. We have also improved the upfront planning process.

  • Lori Pacansky

    These are FANTASTIC! Now I want to make iMovie trailers……

  • Sandra Paul

    These are great. This project demonstrated the students understanding of the subject and it incorporated the technology litercay skills. This type of project for assessement would be perfect for Project Based Learning. Fantastic Work!

  • Ed Aguiles

    EXCELLENT. Not only were the movies great and imaginative the fact that Karl hit such a homerun in his first year here shows what kind of teaching we can expect in the future. Excellent job all around.

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