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The Giver (in iMovie Trailers)

March 6th, 2013 · 5 Comments · Classroom

Mr. Weinert’s 8th  grade class recently finished The Giver.  Please enjoy these iMovie trailers completed in two days.

The Gift from Barbara De Santis on Vimeo.

Leaving the Community from Barbara De Santis on Vimeo.

Dystopia from Barbara De Santis on Vimeo.


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  • Mrs. Berzok, Spotswood

    Thank you so much for these effective pieces on “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. We do several pieces of dystopian literature – “The City of Ember,” “Maze Runner,” and “The Giver” and could always use some student-friendly support.

    Thanks for yours! Our eight-graders will watch and discuss them soon!

  • Sandra Paul

    These videos are awesome! I have never read “The Giver” but now I am really interested in finding out more. I will be contact our librarian to borrow a book! I will be sharing these videos with my friends who are teachers who maybe reading this book. These videos “Rock”!

  • Trish Murray

    Ms. De Santis,
    I love these trailers and look forward to showing them to my 7th graders as examples of what can be done.
    I’d love to know what guidelines and evaluation criteria you presented to your students. Would you post those as well.
    Many thanks.

  • Kevan Hagen

    As a middle school librarian, I have done book trailers with my 7th grade students for a few years. I don’t have access to iMovie, because we are a PC district, so because it is easy for my students to access, I have used PowerPoint, which with the right features chosen, can make them very “movie” like. Over the years, I have explored other options, but as of yet haven’t found anything else that is easily available to all students. My one comment about trailers is that I stress with my students to cite their sources – it is important to give credit to the originator of the images, video, and music. I didn’t see much in the way of works cited at the end of the videos that you shared.

  • Nuhaus

    Really wondering where the source material came from that your students are using to make these. Where did they find the music, images, and film shots?

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