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My Mission: Achieve strong academic skills, Build self-efficacy, Cultivate conscientious citizenship.

Ms. De Santis’ Blog

My workspace

This is where I work. The latest sites will be at the end of each list.  Explore these posts when you are looking for ideas.

Working with photographs

Making movies/voice

Publish books/text

TechSayreville EBoard voicethread

My student produced  films

  1. The Story of Light (light labs)
  2. Sound traveling through a solid
  3. The Doppler Effect
  4. Our first Newton film

Technology tools

To do lists (

Quia (online activities)

Thinkfinity (online resources)

CSI: Jamestown ( online simulation)

Jeopardy Lab (online)

Read the words

Awesome arithmetic



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  • Kevin Ciak

    It looks like this place is coming along quite well in the first 100 days of 2008-09. Great job! I enjoy seeing the students’ work in this forum.

    Kevin Ciak

  • Ms. De Santis

    Thanks for your feedback- we’ve been busy! It’s a pleasure to showcase our students’ work.

  • Lori Belotti

    Ms. De Santis,

    Thank you for a wonderful and informative presentation this morning at “Parents in the Picture.” It is terrific to see the work of Sayreville’s students. Your blog is so helpful, I would like to see it at a more accessable location on the web page. Keep up the good work!

    Lori Belotti

  • Kendra H

    ms. de santis ur da best teacher i ever had.. u make me miss 5th grade

  • Ms. De Santis


    Thank you for the nice thought- there are some days I miss the 5th grade as well- we learned alot and had a good time!

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