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My Mission: Achieve strong academic skills, Build self-efficacy, Cultivate conscientious citizenship.

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UMASL Presentation

Using the Calendar in your Google Classroom (1/31/15)

NJEA Technology Tools (11/7/14)

SBOE PD- 15 Things you can do in Google Classroom (11/4/14)

NJSC Google Presentation (10/14/14)

NJEA Technology Presentation (11/8/13)


PD Day Presentation (11/5/13)


PIC Presentation (2/5/13)


NJASL Fall Meeting (Book Trailers) 2012


2012 New Teacher Orientation

 NSTA Presentation (March 2012)

 WE TECH Presentation (March 17, 2012)


LL handout





NJASL Web Tools Presentation (12/3/11)

NJEA Web Tools Presentation (11/11/11)

NJSC Presentation (10/12/11)

NJAET Presentation (10/11/11)

SCONYC Presentation and Handout (4/2/2011) 

DEN- PETE- Trip WOW handout and samples

Chemistry Teachers’ Club of NY

Museum Box Handouts

NJASL Web 2.0 Tools (12/4)

NJEA Search Like a Pro (11/4)

UMASL Tech Literacy Presentation (10/27)

NJSC Tech Literacy Presentation (10/13)

NJSC Web 2.0 Presentation (10/13) 

 NJAET BrainPOP Presentation (10/12)

OLV Web Literacy Presentation (8/31/10)

OLV Presentation (6/16/10)

OLV Presentation (6/9/10)

ED 651 Presentation (6/8/10)

NSTA Web 2.0 Presentation (3/21/10)

NSTA Ellis Island Presentation (3/20/10)

Web 2.0 Tools (3/5/10)

PLC – 21st Century Skills and Technology (1/11/10)

Sayreville Elementary Schools Technology Presentation(1/8/10)

NJEA Ellis Island

NJEA Web 2.0 Tools

High School Spanish Department Meeting (10/27)

High School English Department Meeting (10/20)

NJSC Web 2.0 Tools

NJSC Ellis Island:Without Science History Would Have Not Been Made! 

NJAET Presentation October 13, 2009 Presentation/Handout

October 7, 2009 UMASL Presentation/handout


SWBAT…..with technology (new teacher meeting)

New Teacher Presentation

Ellis Island Presentation (July 2009)

Truman Staff Meeting Material


Middlesex County Roundtable Presentation (June 3, 2009)

SBOE Presentation (4/14/09) 

 Lights! Action! Science! NSTA presentation material (3/20/09)
nsta-handout.doc (Lights! Action! Science! NSTA 3/20/09)

Lights, Action, Science (NSTA Presentation)

In house technology training sessions

free-resources-for-teachers-ho.doc (3/25/09 training class)

Free Resources for Teachers- updated 3/25/09
Where to find district resources


Teachers Presentation (3/16 Wilson)



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