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Election Day 2010

Woman Suffrage Headquarter in Cleveland, Ohio  Exercise Your Right  to VOTE Sometimes we need to remind our students, children and grandchildren that not everyone had the right to vote in this country when it was founded.  Originally the right to vote was a privilege given only to white men wealthy enough to own land. Men and women […]

Extensions For Every Blogger

I came across this Blog post about extensions for Bloggers on WEB DESIGNISH. The posts discusses what a blogger extension is and how to them.  The posting is titled “15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Every Blogger”. Links are provided to related articles and extensions available on other browsers. If you are a Blogger, don’t miss reading this […]

Web 2.0’s top 1,000 List!

Found a great site through Twitter today Web 2.0’s Top 1,000 List! The list is broken down by categories i.e. Audio, Animation, Polls etc. A simple but interesting site. You can get lost for hours checking out the links. Happy exploring.

Ten Web 2.0 Things You Can Do in Ten Minutes

TEN WEB 2.0 THINGS YOU CAN DO IN TEN MINUTES –  the title caught my interest. I came across a video on You Tube that referenced the article and then searched for it. The author, Stephen Downes, wrote the article in 2008 but it still is current in the content. I have included the link […]

Tech Tips for Kids by Kids

I am always looking for Tech Tips and today I found a great blog called “Computer Tips Written for Kids Developed by Kids” Here you will find great tips written in straight forward language, easy to understand along with screen shots. There is a great range of topics covered – game reviews for iPad […]