Teaching Podcasting to Teachers

Our training team at Prince George’s County Schools has been teaching Podcasting to teachers who are part of the Sharing Technology with Educators Programs (STEP) This is a year long program where the Instructional Technology Team works with a group of schools throughout the year. Each team has a choice of strands to select. The strand that I am working with is Podcasting. In this posting, I have given you the links to each of the Podcasters. This is the first Podcast that most of them made. They did fake interview and they are really creative. Each entry is only a few minutes. Take a minute to listen and smile.

Intro. to Podcasting at Charles Carroll & B.D.Foulois Schools

Nov.3, 2010, we did a session with the team at Charles Carroll Middle School. The team consists oft Ellen Clark (ESOL), Sarah Beth Hansen (Social Studies), KIirby Jarrell (Language Arts), James Scaringi (Science) and Eric Wood (Principal). We had a great time making podcasts today. This was a great group to work with.

Nov. 4, 2010, we did a session with the team at Benjamin D. Foulois Creative and Performaing Arts Academy. This is a Creative Arts K-8 school. The team is made of Aaron Smith (Technology), Michael Feagans (Band) and Brennan Tanner (Music). The participating administrator is Omar Gobourne (Assistant Principal)

Cougar Podcasters from Charles Carroll MS

James Scaringi http://Scaringicougarcast.podomatic.com

Kirby Jarrell http://jarrellcougarcast.podomatic.com/

Ellen Clark http://clarkcougarcast.podomatic.com/

Beth Hansen http://hansencougarcast.podomatic.com/

Falcon Podcasters from Benjamin D. Foulois

Michel Feagans http://hansencougarcast.podomatic.com/

Brennan Tanner http://fouloismusic.podomatic.com

Aaron Smith  http://theartguy.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

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