Virtual Spring Conference Links

The Discovery Virtual Spring Conference was great. The Maryland Leadership Council sponsored a LIVE event at Walker Mill Middle School in Capitol Heights, Maryland.  Here is a list of links shared by presenters and participants during the session. Enjoy!

Links from Discovery Virtual Spring Conference

April 30, 2011

Complied by Carmella Doty at Maryland LIVE site

1.       Back channel links and resources from the Virtual Conference from Porter Palmer

2.       Tim Childers posting from Virtual Conference – Project Based Learning

3.       Jan Abernathy – Creative Cougars grade 5

4.       Lodge McCammom – Friday Institute

5.       Cisco killed the Flip one day before they released their best camera yet

6.       Time, Differentiation and Online Publishing Dr.Lodge McCammon

7.       USDA Sports Awards  Competition and Awards

8.       This event will be archived. Look for the archived webinars at and ****

9.       Tim Childers Project Based  sample – Music/writing/mass media production – cross curricula

10.   The four videos Lodge is sharing (including that first one) are the top row of this link:

11.   Deanna Duray, welcome to 1st grade video:

12.   Powerful and Free Tools for Teachers:

13.   From Colleen Barnes –

14.   Voice Thread Examples: Heros – Class projects

15. Tech Professional Development Wiki

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