ISTE 2011

Well, I can’t believe it is all over, that is ISTE 2011. It was a great conference and so good to see old friends and meet new ones. I went home with my head full of great ideas and ready to work on new things. Oh! What fun it was.

On the last day of the conference, I attended the closing keynote speaker and then met some friends to catch a bite to eat before we hit the road to drive home. We went across the street to the Reading Market and left the Market around 5:30pm. We walked in front of the Convention Center and saw all the lights out. It was so sad to see it all closed down so quickly and it all became a memory in an instant. Yes, all the excitement was over but not forgotten.

Now I am looking forward to ISTE 2012. I will be saving my dollars to pay for the plane trip across the country to San Diego and searching for a place to stay that will not cost a fortune. In these hard times, our school district has cut out the luxury of helping with travel expenses so you have to go to plan B to attend ISTE. The last ISTE conference that was in San Diego, some of my family members traveled with me. They had such a good time in San Diego that they are already planning on making the trip with me so I hope they are also saving their dollars to join me.

If you did not attend ISTE 2011, don’t miss the next one, it is worth the trip for any educator. If you can only make it to one conference in a year, make it ISTE

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