DEN Summer Institute 2011

I had the opportunity to attend the DEN Summer Institute 2011 in San Diego this year. I want to thank Discovery for this wonderful exciting week of learning and networking. I love San Diego and I loved the University of San Diego. A special shout out to Tony for helping to arrange for the DENSI 2011 at this wonderful location. I have never been to such a beautiful campus. If I attended school at University of San Diego, I am not sure that I would have ever graduated and just keep going to school so I didn’t have to leave. When we first arrived and went to the dorm apartment, I could not believe that there was no air-conditioning until I went to sleep the first night with the window open. It was so cool that I had to use a blanket. What a change to the heat back home!! What a treat to have such wonderful weather.

The first night we had a visit from Danny Forster from Discovery Channel show – “Build it Bigger” I had the opportunity to speak with him and ask him questions about his show during dinner. Danny gave a presentation later that evening about his latest projects including the 9/11 memorial in NYC. Check out his website at .

There was so much that went on for the entire week, that it would take a week to write about it in this Blog. We used Edmodo to collect comments, documents and more during the week. I came home and spent time going through Edmodo and collecting resources from the week. I created a wiki to share with others. I did not capture everything, just some of it. The wiki can be found at

Thanks to Porter Palmer for collecting resources in Scoop it

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