Mashups, Social Media & Mobile Devices in the Classroom

I had the opportunity to attend and present at the LI Technology Summit on October 15th. We did a presentation on Mash-ups, that  can be viewed at where you will also find resources. It was a fun time because I got to present with my sister who is an educator in New York. Since we were in Long Island and it is historically know for its ducks, we gave out rubber ducks to the participants.

Rubber Ducks

Long Island Ducks

The keynote speaker was Eric Scheninger. He is a principal at a high school in New Jersey. He is using Social Media as a principal and teachers and students are using personal mobile devices in his school. He gives “shout outs” on Twitter to teachers and students when he observes them doing something good. It has become a “Badge of Honor” to get a “shout out”. He keeps his school community informed and in the “loop”. He has students, parents and community members that follow him on his school Twitter account, his website and Blog. He has written a book about how to use Social Media for the administration, teachers and students.  Take a look at his Twitter, Blog, website and book – interesting. 

Below are links for Eric  
Article from USA Today –
Book –
School twitter account – @NMHS_principal
Website –
News report and video –
Principal Blog –

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