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Apple – I was there teaching with the MAC PLUS

I was leading a webinar this past Wedneday from home and my husband was upstairs in the house when he learned of Steve Jobs passing. He waited till I signed off with my students and ran down the stairs to tell me the news. I went directly to and turned on CNN on the TV. I just had a feeling of lost, like I lost a dear friend. We all knew his time was coming but still felt the loss when it actually happened. People who are dying will wait for the moment to make the journey for various reasons. I think that Steve Jobs waited till the Apple Press Conference and announcements were made on Tuesday to let go on Wednesday.

I  called a friend of mine who is a MAC person and we shared our stories. We were one of the first people to get MacIntosh computers for our classrooms. We were both teaching Computer Arts, him in middle school and me at a high school. We had bonded over our new Mac Plus machines. When the Mac Plus came out, it was a big deal to us because suddenly we could do all these great multimedia things we had not been able to do before. We both had the Mac Plus computers in our classrooms along with the Apple IIGS machines so for 1986 we had the “best” for teaching computer arts. We were out there as tech ed leaders, or at least we thought so at that time.

Cover of BYTE Magaizine with Mac - 1984

Cover of BYTE Magazine Mac 1984

I have been using Macs and all things Apple since those days in the late 1980’s. Steve Jobs has been called a modern day Edison. You have to wonder if he had lived another 30 years, what would have come out of his mind? For what ever reason, it was his time to pass on and leave us wondering what could he have done if he lived a longer life?

He may not have changed the world for everyone but he changed my world. He had the vision to bring Graphic Design to the computer. Other companies created the software but he created the machine. Maybe it was the time he spent at Pixar that helped create his vision.

He knew what we wanted when it wasn’t even in our mind – iPod, iPhone, iPad.  He geared Apple to the consumer, he gave us great designs, reliable products, ease of use and made us happy. Jobs not only geared his equipment to the consumer but he always kept education in his vision. Apple has always been there to promote their products for educational purposes.

I worry about Apple, the company, now that Jobs is gone. Will it still be the same? Will it be as cutting edge? Who will be the next Edison in our lifetime or will there be another? Apple will be okay for at least a few years because Jobs laid out his vision for the coming years. But what comes next?

I found a good history of Apple and Steve Jobs: