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Day of Discovery FETC Jan. 27,2013

Day of Discovery

Day of Discovery FETC Jan. 2013


Day of Discovery for FETC conference in Orlando, Florida today was another great networking and learning experience brought to educators by Discovery Education. The event took place at the Wonder Works.

Steve Dembo kicked off the day with his presentation: 22nd Century Skills…Today! Bringing Future Tech into the Classroom. He asked the question “Why is everyone focusing on the 21st century? That skill set is over a decade old. Rather than looking back, we need to look to the future and identify technology trends that educators need to know about.

” Have you  heard the expression “Everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame”? Steve said that it needs to be changed to “Everyone can have their 15 people to share their fame.” You don’t need a large audience on the Internet but you need an audience to share with.

Steve then talked about companies who are looking to hire people that have a positive presence online. People seeking employment need to sell themselves online today and in the future. Ask yourself – when someone looks at your resume, does your voice come through? Have you done a Google search and seen what is online about yourself? What would employees find online about you? What can you do to express your voice when seeking employment? Steve showed websites of people promoting themselves. He showed and discussed Eric Shenringer’s blog. He is a principal in New Jersey that has an Internet presence for himself and his school. Parents, teachers and students follow his blog and comment on it. This has greatly improved community communication at his school. The Internet allows your voice to be heard beyond the resume.

Steve continued to talk about how teachers can work with students to develop a positive digital image of themselves, a personal portfolio. Kids are sharing everything already over the Internet. What is interesting is that what they share has a lot to do with school. Over 30% of their sharing is about school and assignments. Steve shared samples Twitter messages from kids: “If you are in my reading class I need help with the project”, “This is what I listen to when I do Algebra homework”, “Just finished my homework”.

Steve went into Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised pyramid with Creating on the top. He said that it should be Publish on the top. Publishing is sharing what you create. Creating is no longer enough, it needs to go one step further to Publish.

Blooms Taxonomy Revised Pyramid



QR codes were discussed next. You know those square crazy square design you see now in ads, magazine articles and books? They are really URL links to a website, photo, music on the Internet. It takes less than a minute to create a QR code today and have become widely used. An app called AURASMA can turn anything into a QR code. Take a photo of the object using AURASMA and you can link it to the Internet like a QR code.

Steve’s closing words were “You can not predict the future classroom but you can invent it.”

Today’s Edmodo code is zxo1hs. Take a look to see what people have shared. See what the “collective brain” contributed to Edmodo.

Thank you Steve for an inspiring Keynote.