First Day of School at Elementary and High School – What a difference!

homekidsfinal.jpg  Here we are in the first week of school. Someone said to me this morning – “Good Morning, 3 days down and 177 more student days to go.”

Since I work supporting many schools, I had the opportunity to visit three schools the first day of school. I was at two elementary schools in the morning on the first day of school. One started at 7:45 am and the other at 9:15 am. It was fun to see all the children with their parents coming to school. We watched the mothers following the school busses to the school, making sure that they children had the experience of riding the bus but wanting to walk into the building with their child to greet the teachers. The children looked so special in their new uniforms, so clean and pressed. The little boys with their white shirts and ties and the little girls with their white shirts and jumpers with spotless shoes and socks. But we all know that by the time they went home and had lunch and recess, their shirts were out and they were all dirty and smelly as they got on the busses to go home to their mothers. In elementary school, the first day of school is always exciting for the students, parents and staff. It is a new beginning for all.

I was in a High School in the afternoon and the climate was a little different. All the students had on their uniforms but in high school they wear polo shirts with their school name on them. This school wears grey shirts and black pants. The students were quiet as they move from class to class. Their shirts were not all new, some looked like they wore them for past school years and were some were faded with wear and washing. They did not seem as joyous and happy to be back to school as the elementary students. I was at a faculty meeting after school and the teachers were talking about how quiet the students were today and that most of them were tired and sleepy. For high school students, they are in still in shock with having to be at school before 8:00am.

Going to elementary schools and a high school on opening day was a lesson in learning how different student and teacher attitudes can be. The elementary schools were so happy and upbeat, the high school was so quiet and the students did not look like they were thrilled to be starting another school year.

Summer thoughts

Summer Fun

Well, I had a great summer. It started out by going to Denver at the end of June to the ISTE conference. Getting on the plane and going to Denver was worth it for me just to get away from the heat in Maryland. It was hot in Denver but the humidity was not like it is at home. The conference was great and the networking was even better. I had a blast.  The next weekend I went to Long Island to visit family and friends and attend a wedding. I spent a few days at home and took off to Boston to attend the Discovery Summer Institute 2010. It was a blast and a mind blowing experience. I learned soooooo much in such a short period of time. What fun!!

Back to School Well the party is over. The children arrive at school for the first day of school in just a few short hours. Since I work in Central office, we have been very busy since August 1, 2010 and it hasn’t slowed down for two minutes. In the last two weeks I did 6 Discovery Education professional development sessions along with many other things.

It is the start of another school year and all the mothers have sent the best they had at home and we will do our best to make their school year successful.

Welcome to school    Happy New School Year to everyone.

iConnect to Home & Hospital Bount Students

Staying connected by TV April 29 and counting down to the Maryland Instructional Computing Conference MSET taking place in Baltimore on April 30th and May 1st. I am presenting on May 1st at the conference. The topic is “iConnect to Home and Hospital Bound Students” The session will cover what Prince George’s County Public Schools has done in the last year on keeping students connected to their teachers and classmates. We are using simple to professional level video conferencing tools. The simple tools are email, Instant messaging, websites and wikis. We are using Elluminate for virtual classrooms and Polycome for video conferencing. The teacher has video conferencing equipment in their room and the student can be connect live to the class room via the Internet at their home or in the hospital. Prince George’s County Public Schools services about 900 students a year who are home and/or hospital bound.

I will be posting the link to our presentation in a later post.

Hello Fellow STARS

Going to Discovery DayToday, we are getting ready to attend Administrator Day of Discovery at the Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.  My school district is Prince George’s County Public Schools and we are just a short drive to Discovery. The superintendent of our school system, Dr.  William Hite, will be the keynote speaker at this professional development day for Administrators. We are very excited because a large number of our district’s administrators will be taking part in this activity. This will give our administrators an opportunity to meet other administrators in the area to talk, learn, share and connect with each other!

Hello World!

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