Conference Weekend

I am very excited about attending the CECA Pre-Conference Day of Discovery tomorrow and then CECA on Monday. While attempting to post to my blog, I encountered some interesting issues. First of all, one of the teachers in my district loaned me one of the iPads she has for her special education classes to experiment with this evening.
I was able to successfully log into Discovery Education on the iPad, and when I went to the DEN, I found the link to edit my blog. I was able to add the title, but when I tried to edit in the “post” area, all I got was a “copy” box. I am not sure why the title field was editable but not the actual post.

So, I logged into Discovery Education on my laptop, went to DEN, and the links to my blog were missing. It has to be a setting problem on my laptop, because I have the links beside my picture on the computers at school and on the iPad. I’ll have to see if anyone has ideas on how I can adjust my internet setting so the links will show up.

Anyway, I logged back into my account on the iPad, found the URL for my blog, and typed that in on my laptop. Success, I am now editing my blog. It’s a “go figure.”
So, I’d better get to bed soon because I’ll have to be up early in the morning in order to get to the conference on time. I went to a Discovery Education conference this spring at a high school in Massachusetts, and it was awesome, so I’m looking forward to learning even more tomorrow. As a result of my attending that spring conference, all of the students in my district have been uploaded to Discovery’s database, so now it will be much easier for my teachers to utilize the great tools in Discovery Education for delivering content to individual students and classes. What a wonderful tool to facilitate the individualization of instruction.
I’ll report out after the conferences.

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  1. Well, it’s fixed. I now see the links I need to my blog and the upload link in the Firefox browser, as well. Go figure.

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