Tech Support at Discovery Education is Great!

First, as you can read in an earlier post, I was having trouble accessing the link to my blog when using a Foxfire browser. Well, that got corrected, but something else messed up, so that whenever I clicked on the link beside my name in the DEN tab, I got an error message. I couldn’t access any other blogs, either. It seemed to have something to do with my login script, because when I accessed the blog by typing in the direct address:

it went to blog as long as I had NOT logged into the Discovery website.

Well, long story short, the kind folks at DE streaming Tech Support got it fixed. Now I can get to the blog through the link, and I can get to my Dashboard, so I can add new posts.

In my troubleshooting, I clicked on a lot of different state blogs besides CT, and I was absolutely amazed by all the wonderful info that is out there. Pennsylvania had a particularly impressive blog – as does CT. There is no shortage of good professional development opportunities on the web. The only drawback is finding the time to utilize them.

Thanks again to DE Support!

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