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Finally, the School Year 2011~2012 is Off and Running

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

I cannot believe we’ve only been in school for three days. Due to Hurricane Irene, we didn’t greet our students until Tuesday, September 6. Of course, when I was growing up in Maine, I never remember starting school before Labor Day. Regardless, we had been scheduled to start on Monday, August 29 with a teachers’ only day – and then the kids were to come in on Tuesday, August 30. Fortunately, at my house, we did not suffer any serious effects from the storm except for a little water in the basement and a few downed branches. So, Monday through Thursday were like a reprieve, and I enjoyed every minute of the beautiful weather. The pressure I’d felt all summer about doing the Classroom 2.0 Featured Teacher spot was off, and I really had time to relax and recoup. I started playing around with a Posterous Blog – and I’m really liking how easy and spontaneous it is to post to it from my iPhone, iPad2, or my laptop. You can take a look here:
My middle school in Bethany didn’t get power back until Thursday afternoon -so we had our teachers’ only day on Friday, Sept. 2. Our opening on the day after Labor Day went well, but I was swamped with tracking down a large number of students who had not had their signed acceptable use policies logged in at our district technology office and hence, did not have activated folders. In other years, it hasn’t been much of an issue, but this year we’ve ramped up technology use so much at our school that the teams wanted the kids to have access right away – in fact, we got one of the teams logged on today so they could take a learning interest survey. Fortunately, after working long hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, most students had their forms in and folders activated, so the event was a success. There are a few stragglers, but they should have their forms in tomorrow. That is important because we need to get our new 7th graders uploaded to the Discovery Education database so they can start to access all the wonderful resources at home.
I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but we’ve only been in school for three days, and it feels as if we’ve been back 2 months. So, if we are not as far along with the kids as we’d like to be, we must relax a bit and stop beating ourselves up. It’s only 3 days, and there are 179 days of learning adventures left.