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This is a story of my success and struggles implementing the Discovery Education Techbook into my sixth grade classroom this year.

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Hello World,

I did have an awesome post, just so you know. Then my scatterbrained self forgot to hit save. Uffda.

Last week I was a mess! Worried about my students, worried about changing to the tech-book, worried about my ability to get the students where they should be by that beloved testing season comes around. There is so much pressure on that first day, I just hope I don’t forget to say something. Then a bad behavior starts have you have to wait to the next year to be able to correct your mistake. :) Uffda

Well it’s the first week of school and things are going swimmingly so far. I happen to have a fantastically small class this year, and I plan on enjoying every minute of it, before next year comes around when the world goes back to normal. :) If you are reading this, which probably no one is :) You are most likely wondering what ECE stands for, which you should be I made it up :) It stands for Ever-Changing Education. Lately while teaching I just feel like everything is changing, which is a great thing for the most part. Of course kids and kids and somethings never change. And I am really excited about our district adopting the Discovery Education Techbook this year. Which is the reason for this blog. I have been in school for three days and have used it at some capacity every day.

However I am new to this whole thing and want to get completely enveloped in the experience. :) So if you have any helpful hints to pass along I am all ears. I feel like I get lost for hours looking at everything on the website and I haven’t even scratched the surface. I kind of feel like it’s a retired teacher, whose brain you just pick and pick, but get to the end of there vast knowledge of students, teaching, and tricks they’ve used to help their students succeed. So if anyone is reading this… please give me the advice you wish you had when you started!

Well off to plan tomorrows lesson. We are making songs about the scientific method. Gotta love it :)