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This is a story of my success and struggles implementing the Discovery Education Techbook into my sixth grade classroom this year.

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Too many videos

Hello everyone,

I’m starting to struggle a little this week. With the continuation of the lessons, I really like most of the hands on activities that are presented in each lesson. But, I’m getting a little tired of the overload of videos. Does anyone have any advice for me on this? I know that the videos are good, and for the most part they spark interest. But, I can’t continue to show a video day after day in my classroom! Does anyone else feel this way?

I also hate when my science classroom is quiet. I think that science should be loud and exciting in the classroom. I’m worrying that a little of the fun is being missed by continually showing a video, even to peak interest. HELP! THOUGHTS!?

Out of this World

Hello everyone or no one…whoever is reading this :)

I have just completed my first true Science Techbook lesson! It was awesome. My students are so engaged and for being astronomy I think that is Out of the World. hehehe. I know…lame. Anyway it is so hard for me to get hands on activities for students while teaching astronomy. But today I have my students using the explorations on the computer, and tomorrow we will be doing the hands on activity Discovery suggests for orbits, rotations, and seasons. I’m so excited to keep moving forward with this awesome technology! YEAH :)