Glogster – Get 100 Free Student Accounts

Hurry! After November 7th, 2010, the number of free student accounts you get when you sign up at Glogster Edu (by the way, there are free accounts for teachers) reduces from 100 to 50.

What is Glogster Edu? Well, it is an online environment where teachers and students can create Glogs – or online multimedia posters. The interface is very simple to use and there are tutorials available online. Glogs can include text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more. Students can send messages to their teachers and comment on classmates’ Glogs. Also, students do not need to have an email address to join – teachers get a list of usernames and passwords to give to their students. Teachers can monitor the progress of each student’s Glog – finished or unfinished – and leave comments for the students.

My students recently completed writing a narrative and I offered extra credit for any student who wished to create a movie poster as if the story was made into a film. They had to include persuasive techniques to try to entice potential viewers to see the film. Here is an example one of my students submitted:

Gone Fishing

Click the following link to register for your 100 free student accounts before it’s too late:

Glogster Edu

If you are looking for a nice tutorial for Glogster, click below:

School Tube Glogster Tutorial

Happy Glogging!

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