A Christmas Carol

Reading classic literature this holiday season? Me, too! Speaking of classic literature (nice segue, no?) – here’s a handy, dandy unit on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: A Christmas Carol What you’ll find on this website:

Elementary Thanksgiving Writing Activities

Here are some Thanksgiving themed writing activities for K-5 students: Kindergarten – this is a Word document tracer page. Students will trace the word “Thanksgiving” on the first line and then the second line just has the “Th” – they would have to try to write the rest of the word imitating the line above […]

K – 1 Map Skills

I posted some activities to help with map skills here: Map Skills:  View MS Power Point presentations on maps and directions (take a trip through the White House!) and on maps and symbols – each with a multiple-choice quiz. In addtion, you can download a .zip file containing 25 different Map Symbols Bingo Cards to print and […]

K – 1 Language Arts Presentations

I have posted a couple of power point presentations for reading here: Rhyming Words – MS Power Point presentation with narration and a multiple-choice quiz. Reading Song – watch, listen, and sing along with the first grade class! I also have these activities posted on my portal:  Ms. LaMagna’s Portaportal Look under Kindergarten or First […]

The Water Cycle

Click the link below for the water cycle activity: The Water Cycle – view a movie about the water cycle starring Evaporation Evan, Condensation Connie, Precipitation Pete, and Precipitation Polly. Then download, print, color, and cut out the water cycle characters to make your own picture representing the water cycle. This link is also on […]

US History – Colonization through Revolution

I posted a site to the web with projects for 5th grade social studies standards covered during the 2nd 9 weeks (USI.5a-d through USI.6a-d). Some of the projects are not strictly computer based and students will need colored pencils, paper, and index cards for those projects (timelines, character trading cards, and victory posters). Here is the link: US History Projects […]

Virginia Colony Scavenger Hunt

Take your students on a scavenger hunt about the Virginia Colony (VS.4a,b,c,d)! Download and print the handout containing the questions students must answer to complete the hunt:

Ancient Civilizations

Step back in time and create a travel brochure for ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and the Mali Empire (SOLs 3.1 and 3.4)! A template for the travel brochure with directions is provided (see site linked to below)

Writing Activities – K – 5

Would you like some Thanksgiving themed writing activities for Kindergarten through 5th grade? You would? I am so glad because I am getting ready to post some! In fact, here they are:

3rd Grade Scavenger Hunt

If you think your students would like to go on an internet scavenger hunt about Ancient Greece and Rome, there are links on my portaportal  (under Third Grade>Social Studies>Ancient Greece and Rome Scavenger Hunt) to help them complete the following scavenger hunt for SOL 3.1: