A Christmas Carol – Stave Three – Read and Listen

Here is a link to a podcast of Stave 3 of A Christmas Carol and a link to the online text of the novel: A Christmas Carol – online text Stave 3 – podcast –free audio book download from kids.learnoutloud.com Tweet

End of the Year – Activities/Projects – Part Three of Three

This is part three of the End of the Year – Activities/Projects post. Read part two here. Virtual Vacation – with Google Maps, you can let your students take a virtual vacation! Students can research a location they would like to visit and with the satellite image view and street view features on Google Maps, they […]

End of the Year – Activities/Projects – Part Two of Three

Here is Part Two of the End of the Year Activities and Projects post (click here for Part One): Class Awards – these are probably more suited to younger rather than older students, but some could be funny for older students as well. Have your class vote on end of the year awards. For example: Most Freckles Neatest […]

End of the Year – Activities/Projects – Part One of Three

It’s that time of year – time for assessments, reflection, and making plans for next school year summer break! Before we start dreaming of sand and surf – and sleeping in – we have to make it to the last day of school, right? To do? Well… Here are some ideas for end of the year projects/activities you can […]