Mar 09

Blog on pause due to STAAR/EOC Preparation and Spring Break.

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Feb 20

PowerUp is officially ONE month old today at Madison High School! It’s hard to believe that it has been a month since students first received their laptops; but the culture and attitudes have had an even greater impact on standardized test preparation. With state educational agencies taking a different turn with graduation requirements and college readiness; the balance of instruction with preparation could not be greater. Let the countdown to STAAR begin…

Feb 11

This week marks the District Level Assessments for students and a switch from high tech to low tech. Interestingly enough the shift appears to be more of a smooth one solely based on the student responsibility and varying classroom culture. With close to a month down since deployment learning continues to evolve at Madison High School.

Feb 06

With more than 82% of students deployed-Madison is powering up in a different level. Students are now teaching teachers. After many years of teaching ELA one thing is for sure, I haven’t seen vocabulary quite like this before:

By Hunter Moore and Daria Jones


Feb 03
Mrs. Lyon's Class Blends College Readiness with Technology

Mrs. Lyon’s Class Blends College Readiness with Technology

PIT Students Pay It Forward Daily

PIT Students Pay It Forward Daily

Mr. Pruett's History Class Connects Globally with CNN Student News
Mr. Pruett’s History Class Connects Globally with CNN Student News



Feb 01

A video of worth a thousand words! When asked what the PowerUp Initiative meant for her students, Ms. Robinson-Graham didn’t answer for her students; they answered for her.

Check it out! Ms. G’s Class Takes On PowerUp


Jan 31
Building a PowToon Video

Building a PowToon Video

Outlining a Plan

Outlining a Plan

Groups collaborate to plan, write, organize and execute vocabulary media projects

Groups collaborate to plan, write, organize and execute vocabulary media projects

Apps With a Purpose

Apps With a Purpose

Jan 30
Ms. Cage's English Class Powers Up

Ms. Cage’s English Class Powers Up

What…it’s January 30th? Another Common Assessment already? Time has seemingly moved quickly past a point of no return. With more than 85% of the campus population powered up, the challenges, anixety, and the¬†learning curve couldn’t be higher.

Cage's American Dream

Cage’s American Dream

Many questions abound for teachers and students:

1. How do I pace myself and students? I’m learning many different sites at once. Do I use them all?

2. How do I manage all the technology in my classroom?

3. How do I blend my instruction to provide a balance in foundational skills, but innovate and allow students to carry some of the instruction with technology?4. What happens when I can’t access homework and assignments on my laptop?

Although there are many doubts and challenges ahead, students have demonstrated greater ingenuity. Expanded learning and problem solving is literally at their fingertips. It’s no longer what questions can be answered, but how. In what ways can students develop a unique way of thinking? Create a range of possibilities?

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Jan 29

Although ice, sleet, and other inclement weather have cost us two instructional days the wave of connection through technology could not be more apparent. The major question¬† to ask is, “How has the use of technology helped to support learning in your classes?” This isn’t a teacher question this is a student question. So here goes….

Jan 23

Deployment is pretty much over and now a new wave of learning, knowledge expansion, and accountability have changed the tide of more than 70% of our student body.

While every new beginning has its kinks, the learning is limitless. I find myself with other colleagues thinking, “How much do the kids really have on us with technology?” Whatever the case maybe , classrooms are now learning labs where our students are collaborating to develop questions, challenge answers and most importantly link themselves to the world around us.

The road ahead is a pretty exciting one! Hope every Marlin is along for the ride. We are nearing Day 3.

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