My DEN Summer Institute Reflection………

So what was DENsi for me? 1400 miles, 150 educators, 10 days, revisiting old friends making new ones, singing the “Sound of Music” soundtrack at the Von Trapp Family Lodge, 3 cones of Ben & Jerry, Shelburne Museum, a Lake Monster baseball game, grant-writing sessions, 3-hour cruise on Lake Champlain, visit to Urgent Care, 14 unconferences attended, 9 professional sessions, 4 keynotes, a costume party, the Harlem Shake, the DENmazing Race, 2 overnight airport stays, and the most amazing, mind-blowing professional development that I have ever experienced.

In a nutshell- I spent the last 10 days with some of the greatest educational minds in North America. We collaborated and decided it’s not about what we teach- it’s about how we deliver and how they (the students) respond. Real-world connections=real-world application!

I want to teach in an environment where the only politics we hear about are taught in our social studies classes. They surely do not need to be driving our classrooms. I’ve been on the mountain-top and would rather just stay up there if everyone is okay with that. ‪#‎missingdensi2013 As I unpack the memories and learning in my mind- I will share as I teach it!

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