This is my first post!

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Here I am at Discovery Educators Network Summer Institute 2014 (DENSI) in Nashville, Tennessee.  I am at a point where I am so overwhelmed that I feel like I am now more stupid than when I got here.  I’m sure that after some reflection time at  home, all this will sink in and all the amazing things that I learned will sink in. Rafranz is helping us newbies set up our first blog, and here I am!  Stay tuned for more beginner blogs.


2 Responses to “This is my first post!”

  1.   Aaron Barnett Says:

    I absolutely felt the same way! Wasn’t ignorance blissful? On Tuesday Martha and I had to present some of the computer stuff that the teachers can be using, and I think I sounded like a moron, I kept interrupting her with stories about what we did, until the principal finally had to clear his throat (as in Aaron as soon as you are done we can go to lunch). So far I don’t have any other commitments for the september event, I am just waiting to see if my summer school money is on the July check so I can make reservations… It would be so great to see you and the others again, I probably won’t squeal though, 😉



  2.   Dana Johnston Says:

    My principal can’t wait to hear all I have to share! We don’t go back until Aug. 15th though, so I’m sure I will be presenting at that mtg then too. I am getting together with Jannita, Dennis and a few other DEN stars tomorrow to do some DENapalooza planning. We would love to see you! And you better squeal when you see me!!!


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