Building the Canadian DEN

It’s been 2 weeks since I began my official role as Community Manager for the Canadian DEN. Needless to say my mind is spinning with possibilities and the vast opportunities that Discovery has for teachers. While I was previously aware of many of these, I’ve been bombarded with so much more. The quality of people who truly care about teachers and students is impressive.

On Monday and Tuesday I was involved with some PD for the Ottawa-Carleton School District. Clare Devine and Karen Seddon provided a great two days with their district coaches. I had an a chance to briefly explain the value and benefits of the DEN to these folks. While I’m not sure how many went in to complete the DEN Star application, I know of one teacher who was very excited to tell me that she was on her way to becoming a STAR. This was a good opportunity for me to do my first official give away on behalf of Discovery.

Photo: Courtesy of Karen Seddon

I’m excited to be part of a variety of ways we can support teachers as they work to impact learning for their students.

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