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As educators, we have an exciting opportunity to capitalize on dynamic ways to reach and inspire young people. By motivating students to engage in mediums they understand, we can help them reach their highest academic and personal potential. Investing in professional development is critical to achieving this success.

Whether you currently use one or more Discovery Education digital services or are just getting started, the Discovery Education Professional Development team is committed to helping professional learning communities around the world maximize their technology investment by connecting rich digital content with research-based instructional strategies. Whether you invest in a comprehensive professional development program customized for your district’s needs or choose one or two courses to support your local district’s goals, Discovery Education will deliver a comprehensive and engaging program with a focus of improving teaching and learning.

Achieving your established outcomes is an essential part of high quality professional development. Please see our Case Studies which demonstrate the success our partners have had with Discovery Education Professional Development.

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September 2011
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Amazing and Awe-inspiring – Fort Wayne, IN

These are just a few words to describe the fabulous Fort Wayne Community Public Schools Convention on August 10, 11 and 12, held at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne , Indiana. Discovery Education’s Steve Dembo was keynote and described the world of technology and education. It is changing at a hectic pace. In his usual energized fashion Steve shared that our digital natives are becoming technology oriented at earlier and earlier ages, citing his own 2 year old.
One important point for educators is that teachers should be assigning projects that enhance student creativity. It is important for students to demonstrate their understanding and this can be done utilizing multiple formats. We should require assignments in which students have the option to prove they know the content in any way they wish. For instance, a musically adept student could write a song, a literature student-a story. Students can demonstrate their understanding of concepts with design projects, blogs, and web pages while utilizing Web 2.0 tools. We must realize that if the student does not indicate a full understanding of the required material/concepts, then he fails. Allowing students to share ideas creatively doesn’t mean that we shortchange content.
Clare Devine presented a workshop sharing strategies and Discovery Education assets. Utilizing an image to use as a hook in a lesson was one idea. Images can be used as story starters by showing either the entire picture or just half a picture. Showing video segments rather than full videos is a much more effective teaching tool. Teachers decide what the essential information is that students need to understand. Discovery Education has a wealth of rich digital media to help convey the information.

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