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As educators, we have an exciting opportunity to capitalize on dynamic ways to reach and inspire young people. By motivating students to engage in mediums they understand, we can help them reach their highest academic and personal potential. Investing in professional development is critical to achieving this success.

Whether you currently use one or more Discovery Education digital services or are just getting started, the Discovery Education Professional Development team is committed to helping professional learning communities around the world maximize their technology investment by connecting rich digital content with research-based instructional strategies. Whether you invest in a comprehensive professional development program customized for your district’s needs or choose one or two courses to support your local district’s goals, Discovery Education will deliver a comprehensive and engaging program with a focus of improving teaching and learning.

Achieving your established outcomes is an essential part of high quality professional development. Please see our Case Studies which demonstrate the success our partners have had with Discovery Education Professional Development.

About Us

The Team of Master Teachers, Curriculum Designers, and Professional Development Planners at Discovery Education approach professional development with a genuine respect for adult learners, a research based focus on increasing student achievement and teacher engagement.

Join our team for a true professional development experience! While understanding our products and services is a key feature of our training experience, our mission is to ensure your teachers are fully engaged using classroom instructional strategies and rich curricular resources that have proven to increase student achievement.

Critical to the success of your implementation is engaging and training with your building leaders as well. School leaders must be as engaged in building and implementing rigorous curricular and instructional practices and using student achievement data as much as classroom teachers. By doing so, school leaders can be genuine instructional leaders focused on increasing student achievement and teacher effectiveness.

Discovery Education shares your goal of helping every child learn to his or her potential. Today, educators are challenged with many issues, we want to help you engage your staff in a rich professional development experience that not only increases their skill level, but also enables your staff to stay motivated and excited about high quality instruction.

Categories of Professional Development

Digital Literacy Courses

Discovery Education’s comprehensive digital literacy courses enable teachers to travel through the fundamentals of using digital content in an era of electronic learning. Teachers participating in Discovery Education’s digital literacy courses will learn the needed foundation technology skills through integrated, research-based instructional strategies to develop confidence in using digital content and technology to create a 21st Century Classroom.

Curriculum and Instruction Integration Courses

Partner with Discovery Education’s team of curriculum experts and master teacher trainers to learn how to use the full library of Discovery Education’s digital content as it aligns to your state standards and/or your district’s specific pacing or curriculum guides. Discovery Education’s master teachers will work hand-in-hand with your teachers to consult and deliver model lessons to insure your teachers have access to the how the technology and best instructional practices can look using your own curriculum and lesson plans.

Technology Integration Courses

These courses will enable your teachers to take their students beyond the walls of the classroom on an adventure to learn about and explore their world! Join us for these sessions to begin mastering the use of Web 2.0 applications, Google™ Tools, multimedia presentations, digital storytelling, and interactive presentation tools. Discovery Education’s team of master teachers will empower any educator with the use of these free software applications to make the classroom come alive through full student engagement with technology.

Assessment Courses

Great instruction and improved student achievement starts with assessment! Know where you are now so you know where to go! Discovery Education’s Assessment Courses help educators at all levels understand the process of evaluation and assessment, the tools to use, how to lead effective data teams, what to do with the data, and how to insure student achievement increases. These courses will enable a school system to have a total solution to using assessment tools and the corresponding data with confidence.

On-Going Support

Full implementation of any change requires a respect for the needs of adult learners. Knowing you have the team at Discovery Education behind you to continue supporting the growth towards increased student achievement and teacher engagement provides confidence that your goals can be achieved. Through webinars and membership into the Discovery Educator’s Network (DEN), your teachers will have opportunities to continue expanding their knowledge and skills.

The DEN is Discovery Education’s professional learning community. Members can network, share lesson plans, participate in webinars and even participate in some free professional development events. On-line learning is only one component to the DEN, live, interactive sessions also contribute to the authenticity of Discovery’s professional learning community.

For more information on customizing a package for your site or district, please contact Carol Wetzel at

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