posted by Marita Diffenbaugh on Sep 30

Fifth grade students are using the editable videos from Discovery Education as a backdrop for their narrative writing projects. Students are highly motivated to include adjectives, when they see themselves in the movie clip!


Each student wrote about a summer adventure, and then they searched for video clips that would be the best background for their narrative. We had students stand in front of a green screen, while sharing their narratives.  Some students chose to revise and edit, even more after watching their videos. This was a motivating journey through the writing process. We love the many new editable videos on Discovery Education!

2 Comments to “We’re in the Movies!”

  1. toni Says:

    Would you be willing to share this lesson?

  2. Marita Diffenbaugh Says:

    Hi Toni,

    We are working on writing up step by step procedures. For a quick answer, we are using green material that we tacked to the wall. Students record themselves using an iPod touch. We merge these green screen videos with editable videos from Discovery Education Streaming. We are doing this through iMovie.

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