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Don’t miss out on your chance to win $25,000 and the opportunity¬†to work one-on-one with a 3M scientist!

Entering is easy -

  1. Identify a real-world problem.
  2. Think of a way to solve that problem using science and engineering.
  3. Create a 1-2 minute video telling us all about your great idea. (Hint: You can even use your smart phone to record!)
  4. Submit your video at by April 22, 2014 @ 5pm ET.

Have questions? Email the Young Scientist Challenge team at



Don’t you wish that picture of a giraffe that you downloaded from your Discovery Education account could talk? With Blabberize, it can! This free web tool lets you put words right into the mouths of your favorite animals and other images. A talking plant? Sure. A talking car? You bet.

Be one of the first to see our new Making Stuff with Discovery Education: Blabberize tutorial. Watch it below….

And stay tuned next month for our next Making Stuff with Discovery Education: Quicktime!

Pearl Valley Farms Virtual Field Trip Tomorrow

Tomorrow, April 10 at 1:00pm ET, Discovery Education will be in Illinois to livestream the virtual field trip to Pearl Valley Farms. Check out the map to see where Pearl Valley Farms is and see if you’ve ever traveled farther for a field trip! Our own Lance Rougeux will be visiting the farm and talking […]

Try This at Home

  Spin a raw egg on the counter and make some observations about the motion; then spin a hard-boiled egg on the counter and make some observations about the motion. They behave differently, huh? Why do you think that is? Leave your hypothesis in the comments section, then watch our virtual field trip to find […]

SpringBOARDs to New Knowledge

It’s finally springtime! Great time to build a Board. Did you know there are OVER 1,400 Boards in your Discovery Education account? Boards have been made by students, teachers, and the Discovery Education staff and cover everything from Paul Bunyan to slopes to polymers. Take a few moments to search your account and browse the […]

Calling All Hockey Fans!

Discovery Education is hosting a sports-oriented, global Virtual Field Trip from Canada! Join us on March 26th at 1pm EST as we feature the Winnipeg Jets True North Hockey Academy and discover how groups of lucky kids in Canada get to play hockey during their school day. Click here to register. Today, we visited the […]