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How do you think you compare to these two cute polar bears? We’re hoping you’ll take our challenge to collect some data and ask some questions, so you can be involved in our polar bear excursion. Are your hands bigger than a polar bear’s paws? Do you eat more calories per day?


Discovery Education is partnering with Polar Bears International, again, for their Tundra Connections program; bringing live, free webcasts from the tundra to you during the annual polar bear migration in Churchill, Manitoba.  Soon, my colleague, Kyle, will be packing his bags and heading to the Polar Bear Capital of the World.  Kyle will be posting from the tundra and also hosting some virtual field trips.

Here are the simple ways for you to get involved from the warm comfort of your own school:

  • Tell your teacher about the project, so he or she can help your whole class access the data survey and enter your results –

  • Tell your teacher about the virtual field trips from the tundra, so he or she can help your whole class tune in live or access the archive –

  • Put your questions for Kyle and the scientists in the Comments section of this post; they will be answering student questions during the live webcasts and your could be chosen!
  • Sign in to your Discovery Education account and watch this video segment about polar bear research to warm up for the events –

We had a great virtual field trip at the Science Channel Headquarters today! Wyatt Channell, Executive Producer on How the Universe Works and many other Science Channel shows, talked to us about his job, production, and storytelling.

If you missed it, you can watch it below. Watch it as often as you like, whenever you have a connection! (You can also watch archives of other Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips and Events at our livestrream page, HERE.)

Did you know? The Science Channel has a ping pong table in the middle of its offices.

Meet America’s Top Young Scientist

Last night, after an exciting, collaborative, and tense competition, Sahil Doshi won the coveted title of America’s Top Young Scientist. Along with the title, Sahil received a $25,000 prize and a trip to Costa Rica. You can see all the finalists’ entry videos and read their blog entries about the experience at Favorite the […]

Young Scientist Finals Starting in 5 Minutes!

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Middle School Innovations

The 3M Young Scientist Challenge continues today with the final presentations by 10 students. Join the LIVE WEBCAST at 3:00pm ET. Yesterday, the students competed in their first challenge. It required them to learn about a particular area, such as adhesives, non-woven materials, etc., and then collaborate with another student to solve a real world problem. […]

Amazing Science by Your Peers

Hi Everyone! I’m here in Minneapolis, Minnesota participating in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge. It’s amazing (or as 3M puts it, “3M-azing”!) Ten students in grades 5-8, from all over the country, made it to the finals of this challenge. The Young Scientist Challenge asks students to solve a problem in the world by coming up […]