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Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 5.44.27 PMIt is amazing what you can find in your Discovery Education account. At least, I’m amazed this week. With tens of thousands of pieces of digital media, it’s impossible to know every one, but for this week, I found some very cool music resources. Take a look at this week’s Summer Series Board: Music to see interviews with an artist who makes animated music videos with miniature sets and an artist who turned his violin into a rock ‘n roll instrument because he felt like classical wasn’t cool. Have fun!

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 3.24.55 PMThis week officially marks the beginning of the second half of summer! For those of you who are missing school — your friends, your teachers, the learning! — we’re now on the downhill slope towards the first day of school.

We’re marking the halfway point with a focus on ANIMALS! The Summer Series: Week 7 — ANIMALS board features learning about a variety of different animals through video, audio (stories!), and some animal model-making. Have fun!

Summer Series: Week 6 — FLYING MACHINES

Did you come up with some cool inventions last week? This week, we’ll focus our inventive powers on flying machines. Check out the flying machines of the future and the past, and then try your hand at creating some airplanes (paper) of your own! Let your imagination soar during this week’s Discovery Student Network Summer Series: […]

Summer Series: Week 5 — INVENTION

What are you doing with your summer time? Are you exploring, playing, reading, building go carts or sandcastles or Lego cities? Are you watching ants drag their treasures down the sidewalk and thinking of ways to harness their power? Maybe it’s time to pull an idea together into an invention. This week, Summer Series: Week 5 […]

Summer Series: Week 4 — UNDERWATER WORLDS

  It’s officially summer, now, with the passing of the Summer Solstice on June 21. At Discovery Education, we’ve been celebrating summer for a few weeks with the Discovery Student Network Summer Series. This week’s activities can be found on the UNDERWATER WORLDS Board. Your activities will include amazing information about a little shrimp with “super-shrimpan” […]

Summer Series: Week 3 — AT-HOME SCIENCE

  This week’s Summer Series is an interactive, fun show of at-home science and innovation. Click onto the Summer Series: Week 3 — At-Home Science board to learn about lemon batteries, homemade ice cream, and Steve Jobs!