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What do you have in common with students in Russia, Iran, and Mexico?

If you’re a student in the U.S., chances are you have the school year in common with them. All of those countries have school years that run from late August or September through June. Other countries have different calendars, like Australia and Nigeria, where the school year runs from January to December (with vacations, of course!)

Click on the image below to watch a 5-minute video about a school day in Beijing. Do you see any similarities to your school day?

Beijing Schools

Discovery Education

Whenever you’re heading back to school, before or after Labor Day, we’re glad to have you back and hope you’ll light up our Comments sections with your thoughts and experiences this year.

Summer Series: Money


It’s our last week of the DSN Summer Series and this week we’re learning about money! Inspired by summer tourists at the U.S. Mint, we decided to deliver some amazing information and inspiration to you via the Summer Series: Money board. Whether you earned some with a summer job or just want to find out whether the government replaces damaged cash, this is the board for you. Have a great time heading back to school!

Summer Series: Week 11 — TRAVEL

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Summer Series: Week 10 — THE WHITE HOUSE

  Summer is tourist season in Washington, D.C. and Discovery’s Headquarters is only a few miles from The White House (6.9 miles to be exact — thank you Google Maps.) Lots of tourists flow through the sections of The White House open to the public, but thanks to your Discovery Education student account, you can get […]

Summer Series: Week 9 — PHYSICS

  Been practicing your dives this summer? How about roller coasters… any trips to the amusement park? Been stuck at home, bouncing superballs all day or playing with a yo-yo? Well, this is your week. The Summer Series: Physics board is considering the laws of physics using amazing and funny video clips and special “make” […]

Summer Series: Week 8 — MUSIC

It is amazing what you can find in your Discovery Education account. At least, I’m amazed this week. With tens of thousands of pieces of digital media, it’s impossible to know every one, but for this week, I found some very cool music resources. Take a look at this week’s Summer Series Board: Music to […]