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So Connor and Michael are Video Blogging every hour of the trip!  Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

DSN Podcast 

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  1. Dean Shareski (Reply) on Monday 11, 2012

    Hey guys. I see a future in podcasting. The Michael and Connor show. You can do a 30-60 second update throughout the trip. Rock on boys!

    PS. I work for Discovery and live in Canada. I also dig podcasting. ;)

  2. monica (Reply) on Monday 11, 2012

    that was awesome

  3. Hailey (Reply) on Monday 11, 2012

    This is actually a really good idea:)

  4. cassie (Reply) on Monday 11, 2012

    cool with the video blog not cool it but cool as in that was amazing and the idea to spend an eight hour bus ride doing the podcasting wow you guys are total geniuses

  5. Candace (Reply) on Monday 11, 2012

    kept on frezzing up :0)