Shark Week: Shark Yourself

Byline: Colton Snodgrass, Discovery Education Student Advisory Board, Shark Week 2012

I played around with all the games on the Discovery Channel website on Sunday. Every game was quite compelling and tons of fun. Despite the childlike appearance of the games, they were truly challenging. My favorite actual game had to be the Shark Pac-man one. It was like any other Pac-man game but with the added privilege of the Pac-thing actually being a shark. The “ghosts” of this Pac-man game are divers that catch the shark in nets, though: how unrealistic. Shark Week teaches us a completely opposite position to this! We, as humans, are to revere the great and almighty shark, not to capture this man-eating beast in a lousy net! Oh well. Fun, nevertheless. Another cool feature listed on the games tab is “Shark Yourself”. Your mission is to “sharkatize” as much of your face as possible! It’s a cool “game” that makes your profile picture even scarier than what it is now! Enough with the “duck lips”; it’s time to move on to the shark teeth craze. Compare for yourself.

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