Shark Week: Georgia Aquarium

Byline: Colton Snodgrass, Discovery Education Student Advisory Board, Shark Week 2012

Today, I was intrigued to find the application known as “Shark-cam” on the website. With this amazing feature, we are given a look into the shark tank at the Georgia Aquarium. Although there is not the intense action we are used to on Shark Week, it’s still a privilege to watch interaction between these sharks and other sea-life within the same compounds. If you haven’t checked this app out yet, I really recommend doing so. It’s an alternative for your boring internet expeditions that I’m sure you all face everyday. Also, while exploring the T.V. schedule today for Shark Week, I found a show that I knew I wanted to watch. The showing of “Sharkzilla” came on this afternoon, and I was excited to see that it was being hosted by the “Mythbusters.” This show gave detailed information about a prehistoric shark that was over 50 feet long. When trying to relate such topics to school (jumping to the Discovery Education aspect of all of this), it is easy for students to become interested about learning on such a SHARKTASTIC subject. Clearly, any student’s head would be turned by the gripping past of a shark that ruled the ancient sea-world. Makes me want to explore the biology of the time, maybe some structural anatomy of such species, and maybe just earth formations and transitions that occurred during the existence of this “Sharkzilla.”

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