Shark Week: Sharks Helping Humans!

Byline: Colton Snodgrass, Discovery Education Student Advisory Board, Shark Week 2012

Today I watched an episode on Shark Week that described the horrific events associated with shark attacks. Surely everyone that sees videos like this would associate sharks with being corrupt and criminal, an animal whose only job is to hurt mankind. There are many stereotypes that we create about sharks that show this; however, what we don’t know are the ways that sharks seem to help us. While exploring the Discovery Channel website for Shark Week, I found information labeled “Top 25 Ways Sharks Help Humans.” Not only did we think that sharks in no way helped humans, but who’d guess that there were at least 25! This list spans many different ways they help, ranging from how they conserve coral reefs, to how they help identify our origins. I was very surprised to find the list in the first place, and I am still in shock about the many different things that they do to assist our society. I recommend that anyone who may be reading this to go check out the list here. Enjoy the rest of Shark Week!

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  • monica February 7, 2014, 7:13 pm

    sharks yike

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    that is so cool


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