Shark Week: Myths

Byline: Colton Snodgrass, Discovery Education Student Advisory Board, Shark Week 2012

What are some myths that we associate with sharks? Go to “Top 5 Shark myths” and proceed to be opened up to a whole new world of fact. One big myth that I thought to be true was that sharks are “mindless eating machines.” I have always been convinced that sharks were constantly eating, no matter what it may be. I believed this because I’ve seen lists of things that were found inside a shark’s stomach: a diver’s helmet, license plates, furniture, etc. However, Discovery has redirected and aided in the error of my ways. In the description of how sharks are not “mindless eating machines,” it explains that sharks are very intelligent creatures that take precaution in their habits and have the ability to be conditioned to learn more than a cat or bird. Grubber, a shark specialist, says, “When we don’t know something, we tend to fall back on myths.” I find this to be a very true statement that simply characterizes human nature. Be careful of what myths you may create yourself as you continue to watch Shark Week for the rest of the week!

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  • Sarah January 6, 2014, 4:07 am

    Seems like fun. I might go on there!


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