HS Student: Behind-the-Scenes at APL and DE

Byline: William Becker, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

This past month has been amazing! I started as an intern for both Animal Planet and Discovery Education on October 1 and have been busy ever since working on multiple projects. As an intern I feel that I’m treated just like an employee. I have my own cubicle, phone, and computer. More importantly, everyone treats me like I am an employee, which was something I feared wouldn’t be the case before I started my internship. If I have questions about my assignments I feel that I can go to anyone for advice on how to solve it.

At Animal Planet, I have been doing a lot of different things, including: creating a report on one of Animal Planet’s new shows called Kitten Cam, participating in division meetings, creating dog collar bones, and a lot of other fun things. Animal Planet has an awesome office with a lot of neat things to look at. They created a “Think Tank,” which is a corner of the office filled with couches and lounge chairs where people can meet to talk about projects. Finally, but not lastly, they have a table filled with snacks and sweets.

At Discovery Education, I have participated in several events that I believe interns at other companies wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience. Some of my tasks for the education division have included selecting newsletter articles and updating the Discovery Student Network blog. My favorite event to write about was Felix Baumgartner’s 13-mile free-fall from space. This experience taught me how to use social media and understand its effect on today’s workplace.

My friends who have internships elsewhere have told me that they often don’t have enough to do or are given repetitive tasks. I can assure you that this is not the case at Discovery! I am constantly assigned projects and exposed to new challenges where I have to use different skills to broaden my horizons and get the job done. Even though I don’t work full-time, I feel that I am learning new and valuable skills as well as being a part of a very exciting company.

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