How’s Your Driving? Take the Toyota Teen Driving Challenge

Byline: William Becker

I just played the Toyota Teen Driver game and found it very realistic. Usually driving games are such bad quality that the player can’t picture it happening in real life. This game is not like that at all, you chose a real car and can change the color if you want. The game has all the things you would see if you were driving on the road, like STOP signs. In the game you are put through 4 scenarios that drivers, especially teen drivers, are exposed to frequently: The first scenario is driving while your friends are distracting you, the second is eating while driving, the third is tuning the radio while driving, and the final is texting while driving.

I am a teen driver and agree that these 4 scenarios are recurring problems for teen drivers. Before receiving a license, teens have to graduate from a Driver’s Education program where they learn about the dangers that distractions can have on their driving. This information doesn’t seem to seep into young people’s head, because many drive with distractions, anyway. It usually takes an eye-opening experience for teens to realize that they are not invincible; this game definitely gets that message across.

I was surprised to see how bad my driving was while being put through these 4 challenges. I thought the driving while changing the radio and texting were the hardest. Those two situations are the main distractions teens face. After you complete each level, you get a score card of how you did along with some facts that blew my mind! One was “A driver who talks on a cell phone while driving is four times more likely to be involved in a serious accident.” If you are a driver or soon to be one you should definitely try this out.

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