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Discovery Announces New Show and Contest

Coming this spring, Discovery Channel announces its new show, The Big Brain Theory. The show will bring together a bunch of science geniuses to solve “insane scientific challenges.”

As part of our announcement and Pi Day celebration, Discovery has also launched a contest for YOU: record yourself reciting Pi for six seconds… c’mon, get as far as you can down the infinite sequence in the time allotted and win prizes.

Read all about the show launch and contest (open until April 1) here.

  1. Karen Fitzpatrick (Reply) on Thursday 14, 2013

    What grade level is the Big Brain Theory going to be geared to?

    • Jeanette Edelstein (Reply) on Thursday 14, 2013

      Hi Karen,
      Thanks for your question! The Big Brain Theory is not targeted to specific grade levels. It’s rated TV PG-L, and the network folks expect it to skew a little younger than Mythbusters.
      Hope that’s helpful,