Chicago Student Works with Discovery Sharks

Byline: Tess Henkel
Content Coordinator, Discovery Education

Today I had the unique opportunity of working one-on-one with a Chicago Public Schools student named Bryan. The two of us collaborated to kick off a new and exclusive project: creating educational infographics for the upcoming Discovery Channel series North America. The infographics will provide students and educators with interesting data about the biology, ecology, and geography of North America. The most challenging part of the project is to present a lot of statistics and numbers in a visually appealing manner.

Luckily for me, Bryan had the exact skills needed to tackle the task at hand. With his proficiency in Photoshop and professionalism, Bryan and I were able to team up to begin creating a graphic that compares the lengths of three different sharks (spinner, blacktip, and hammerhead) that appear off the coast of North America. Here’s a screenshot of some of our work….

Bryan was part of a larger group of students from Chicago Public Schools that visited Discovery Education on March 14th and learned about project management, design, programming, databases, and migration. I hope they were all able to gain a greater understanding of how their current education relates directly to jobs in the “real world.” I would say they are off to a great start!

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