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… THANK A TEACHER! It’s Teacher Appreciation Week so thank a teacher… or thank all your teachers! Almost every single teacher I know does what he or she does for the students — THAT’S YOU! Your appreciation means more to them than almost anything.

It’s easy to appreciate a teacher. Here’s a little Mad-Lib style exercise to help you do it:

“Excuse me, ____________ (teacher name), do you have a minute? I just want to THANK YOU for _________________________ (something specific, such as ‘suggesting the Mayans as my research topic,’ ‘holding me to high standards,’ ‘staying afterschool to help me with fractions,’ etc.) It’s really helped me ________________________ (something specific, like ‘feel better about math,’ ‘realize it’s okay to make mistakes,’ ‘grow to love biographies,’ etc.) You’re the __________________ (descriptor, such as ‘best,’ ‘cream of the crop,’ ‘cat’s pajamas,’ ‘most rad,’ etc.)”

Tomorrow, May 6th, is actually Teacher Appreciation DAY! Think about it. Act.

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