Behind-the-Scenes at Discovery, part III

Byline: Andrea Hickman

Hey everyone, we’re back again with another segment from Behind-the-Scenes at Discovery. This time, I’m pleased to introduce a fishy find from the building.

(photo courtesy of Marie Thomas)

As you can see, these surf boards say Shark Week, which you may know as one of the most popular Discovery Channel features over the summer. Personally, I think Shark Week is one of the most interesting weeks of the summer, and no, I’m not just saying that because I work here. Shark Week gets us up close and personal with these huge beasts without the risk of having an arm chomped off, but more importantly, it gives us information about the danger these giants are in. Even though we may be afraid of something that has teeth like this…

(photo courtesy of Discovery Education)

we have to realize that they hold a special place in balancing the marine ecosystem.

Now I’ll share my top 5 favorite shark facts with you.

1) Great White sharks off the coast of Sea Island, Africa have been known to jump up to 10 feet to catch prey. Cool right?
2) When some species embryos start to develop teeth, they will often times eat their unborn brothers and sisters until only one remains.
3) The average shark lives to be 25 years old, but it is possible for them to live until they are 100 because they don’t catch diseases easily.
4) The smallest shark species is the pygmy shark whose average length is only 8 inches! They also make their own light which helps when they dive into deep waters to hunt.
5) A shark’s sense of smell is so powerful that it can detect a single drop of blood in an Olympic sized pool.

To see these and other interesting shark facts, click on this link. If you’re just as interested in sharks as I am, feel free to look up pictures, videos and articles about them in your Discovery Education account. With that, I’m signing off, but keep checking the Shark Week countdown ( and make sure to watch Shark Week this August 2013.

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  • barbara May 31, 2013, 2:04 pm

    i loved all those interesting facts i love shark week


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