SYSK Mondays: Bats and Biospeleology

How’d you like to be a biospeleologist and hang out in some cool, dank caves during the hot summer months? In today’s animated podcast, Josh and Chuck of Stuff You Should Know get to chatting about the food chain and bat guano (a.k.a. bat poop).

Click on this cute little cartoon bat, from, to start the animation….

Okay, so bat’s are cool. What about studying them? Check out this radio report about “Mexico’s Bat Man” from Public Radio International.

And, of course, you can find all kinds of great bat information in your Discovery Education account:

K-2: Bats; Kitty’s Hog Nosed Bat

3-5: The Bat Cave; Using Ears to See

6-8: Chasing Nature: Bats

9-12: Comparative Morphology Animation; Bats: Creatures of the Night


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