Sticky, Chewy Trivia: POP

(photo courtesy of Discovery Education)

For no good reason whatsoever, except that there is some science behind it and blowing bubbles is fun, today’s trivia is about GUM! Test your knowledge and, once you know how it’s made and what goes into it, you decide whether you think gum is a delicious treat or kinda gross.

Trivia Questions

1. Why is bubble gum pink?

2. What was the earliest gum made of?

3. What is the sugar used in bubble gum called?

4. How many pieces of bubble gum does a Double Bubble machine cut and wrap a minute?


GUM Resources in your Discovery Education account — yep, we’ve got that, too:

Bubble Gum Video Segment

Stuff You Should Know Podcast: Does Gum Stay in Your Stomach for Seven Years?

Article: Gum



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