Tuesday Trivia: Ice

No time like the peak of summer to carefully consider the properties of ICE! Today’s trivia questions all concern this hard, cold, and fascinating substance.

(image courtesy of Discovery Education)


Question 1: Ice is the frozen form of what liquid?

Question 2: True or false — water expands as it freezes?

Question 3: What is the melting point for ice? (Fahrenheit or Celsius accepted.)

Question 4: In what shape do ice crystals form?


Chill out with these ice-related resources for all ages:

K-2: The Blue Dragon, Changing Things: Frozen Water

3-12: Planet Earth: Ice Worlds

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  • Sydnee July 19, 2013, 1:35 am

    That is so cool I really want to get on one of those ice things I’m just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!


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