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No time like the peak of summer to carefully consider the properties of ICE! Today’s trivia questions all concern this hard, cold, and fascinating substance.

(image courtesy of Discovery Education)


Question 1: Ice is the frozen form of what liquid?

Question 2: True or false — water expands as it freezes?

Question 3: What is the melting point for ice? (Fahrenheit or Celsius accepted.)

Question 4: In what shape do ice crystals form?


Chill out with these ice-related resources for all ages:

K-2: The Blue Dragon, Changing Things: Frozen Water

3-12: Planet Earth: Ice Worlds

  1. Sydnee (Reply) on Tuesday 16, 2013

    That is so cool I really want to get on one of those ice things I’m just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!